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Dec 062012
A Few Thoughts on the Freelance Writing Life

by Candy Korman There are more than a few clichés about freelancing and some of them are even true. Freelancing is a financial “roller coaster.” It can be “feast or famine.” And you will not survive if you aren’t prepared for economic dips. Managing Economic Impact on a Freelance Writing Life When the overall economy [...]

Aug 032012
How to Write an Article, Research the Web and Pass Copyscape

The Internet is an amazing research tool, allowing a good writer to write on just about any topic assigned to them. The Internet is also vastly misused as an environment for less scrupulous writers to “spin” articles written by someone else. The hard work of researching a topic, developing content and actually writing an intelligent, [...]

Jul 022012
Write Eye-Catching Headlines Using These 10 Surefire Tips

David Ogilvy, a successful advertising man and author of “Confessions of an Advertising Man” has this to say about headlines: “The headline is the most important element in most advertisements. It is the telegram which decides the reader whether to read the copy.” The same thing can be said of writing headlines or titles for [...]

May 242012
7 Great Tips on Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners

So you’re a freelance writer looking to be rewarded with your good work with the big bucks or a few dimes at least? Don’t be the latter. That said, hundreds of freelancers are doing that, literally working for fractions of a penny per minute in freelance writing jobs for beginners. It’s the way many freelancer [...]